How Much To Repair Garage Door? FAQs and Tips

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Garage doors are essential to our homes and provide security and safety. However, like all other things, garage doors also require repair and maintenance over time. Garage door repairs can range from simple tasks, such as lubricating the moving parts or tightening loose bolts, to complex tasks, such as replacing the entire garage door.

The garage door repair cost depends on several factors, including the problem. For example, if your garage door is not opening or closing properly or has come off its tracks, you will likely have to pay more if your problem is minor, like a broken spring or chain.

If you have an old wooden-slat style garage door that weighs 400 pounds and measures 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall, it will probably cost more to bring in a professional contractor than if you had purchased one made out of steel (which weighs less). And finally: if your broken piece is from an older model that no longer exists in production today, finding replacements could prove difficult and expensive.

What Factors Determine The Cost of Garage Door Repair?

The cost of repairing a garage door can vary depending on several factors. Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of garage door repairs:

1. Type of Garage Door

The type of garage door you have can impact the cost of repairs. Some garage doors are made of wood, while others are made of steel, aluminium, or vinyl. Wood doors can be more expensive to repair than other types due to their weight and complexity.

2. Size of the Garage Door

The size of the garage door can also impact the cost of repairs. Larger doors require more materials and labour, making repairs more expensive.

3. Type of Repair Needed

The type of repair needed can also influence the cost of garage door repairs. A simple repair, such as replacing a broken spring, may cost less than a complex repair, such as replacing the entire door.

4. Level of Damage

The level of damage to your garage door can also impact the cost of repairs. Minor damage, such as dents or scratches, may be less expensive than major damage, such as a bent or broken door panel.

5. Age of the Garage Door

The age of your garage door can also influence the cost of repairs. Older doors may require more extensive repairs or replacement parts that are no longer available, which can increase the cost of repairs.

What Are The Common Garage Door Repairs and their Costs?

Like any other mechanical system, garage doors can malfunction and require repairs. Here are some common garage door repairs and their costs to help you prepare for potential expenses:

1. Broken Springs

The most common issue with garage doors is broken springs. Springs balance the door’s weight, making it easy to open and close.

A broken spring can make it difficult or impossible to open the door. Repairing or replacing a spring can range from $150 to $350.

2. Damaged Panels

Garage door panels can become damaged due to accidental impact or wear and tear over time. If the damage is minor, you may be able to repair it yourself.

However, if the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the panel. Replacing a panel can range from $200 to $800.

3. Malfunctioning Opener

The garage door opener is responsible for opening and closing the door. If it malfunctions, the door may not open or close correctly. Sometimes, it may be a simple fix, such as replacing the batteries in the remote.

However, if the opener is damaged, you may need to replace it. Replacing an opener can range from $200 to $600.

4. Worn Rollers

Rollers are responsible for guiding the door along the tracks. Over time, they can become worn or damaged, causing the door to become stuck or operate incorrectly. The cost of replacing rollers can range from $100 to $200.

5. Snapped Cables

Cables are responsible for lifting and lowering the door. If worn or damaged, they may snap, causing the door to fall. This is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. The cost of replacing cables can range from $150 to $350.

6. Misaligned Tracks

The garage door tracks guide the door as it opens and closes. If they become misaligned, the door may not operate correctly. This can be caused by wear and tear or accidental impact. The cost of realigning tracks can range from $100 to $200.

It’s important to note that these are just estimates, and costs can vary depending on the issue’s severity and the repair service’s location. It’s always best to consult a professional garage door repair company for an accurate repair estimate.

Is It More Cost-effective To Repair or Replace a Garage Door?

It depends on your garage door. If it’s old and needs replacement, repairing it will likely be more cost-effective than replacing it. If your garage door is still in good condition, repairing it may be more cost-effective than replacing it.

If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your garage door, consider the following:

  • If the damage is minor and can be repaired by a professional, it’s probably worth doing so.
  • If the damage is extensive, replacing your garage door may be more cost-effective than repairing it.

Can I Repair a Garage Door Myself To Save Money?

Yes, but you need to know what you are doing. If you decide to repair your garage door, there is a risk of injury and damage to your property. You need to understand how the components work together and how they can break down.

It’s also important to have the right tools for the job so that it doesn’t affect others when something goes wrong with one part of your system.

What Are Some Signs That My Garage Door Needs Repair?

You may have a problem with your garage door if it is:

  • Hard to open or close. If the garage door is hard to move, this can be a sign that the springs are broken or loose.
  • Making unusual noises (clicking, squeaking). A creaking sound from tracks that are not aligned properly is another sign of needing repair work done on your garage door.
  • Damaged or broken parts such as springs, cables and rollers will need a replacement after being repaired by a professional technician.

Should I Get Multiple Quotes Before Hiring a Garage Door Repair Service?

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to get multiple quotes, here’s what I would recommend:

If the estimate is over $1,000, it’s worth getting more than one quote. This is because many factors go into estimating a repair job, such as the size and make of your door, whether or not your opener needs to be replaced, and so on. And some garage door companies may give you an inaccurate price because they don’t know all these details about your situation.

But, If the estimate is under $1,000 or even if it’s just close, it might not be worth spending any extra time getting another opinion before hiring someone who seems trustworthy and knowledgeable about what they’re doing.


The cost of garage door repair can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of garage door, the extent of the damage, the availability of replacement parts, and labour costs. It’s always best to consult a trained professional to assess the damage and provide an accurate repair cost estimate.

To ensure that your garage door remains functional, it’s essential to conduct periodic maintenance and timely repairs when needed. This will not only reduce the risk of damage but also prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

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