Does Garage Door Need To Match Trim?

Does Garage Door Need To Match the Trim? What Are The Benefits of Painting Your Garage Door and Trim? Why Should I Choose a Color For My Garage Door and Trim? Ways to Make Your Garage Door Attractive

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Your garage door is the largest in your home and deserves the best look. Painting the door gives it a classic and gorgeous appearance. Matching your garage door with your trim is quite a task since it’s the front entry of your home.

There are so many ways to arrange your garage door with the rest of the home, including matching the door with trim or painting your door with a contrasting colour, which tends to draw attention, whether aesthetic or in a poor combination.

We’re going to share with you details on garage doors and trims and how to best match your door and the trim.

Does Garage Door Need To Match the Trim?

Choosing a color for your garage door and trim is one of the decisions to make for an aesthetic exterior. Designing your home is up to you, as matching your garage door to the trim is based on individual preference on the following options:

  • Use the same colour to paint the door and trim.
  • Use complementary colors to paint the door and the trim.
  • Paint the trim and door with contrasting colors.

However, when it comes to design rules, practices, and choices, there are no direct answers. There are so many ways to make your entrance attractive. Matching your door and trim doesn’t have to be the same color. Generally, it is common to paint the garage door and trim with contrasting colours.

1. Painting with the Same Color

It is best to paint your garage door and trim the same colour to be on the safer side. Traditionally, the trim is painted white or off-white, so matching your garage door to the same shade will make it a classic and timeless trend.

Whatever color you choose to paint both, it is highly advised that you choose a more daring color for the desired effect. If you do not want white, match your door and trim with any lighter colors, like taupe or cream. Marching your garage door to the trim is visually appealing. 

2. Painting with Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are the best and most terrifying color choices if you want to be bold and make a statement with your door and trim.

You can pair your white trim with a black garage door, a bodacious blue door with white trim, a cherry door with emerald trim, or a purple door with a creamy tone.

3. Using Complementary Colors

Painting your door and trim with complementary colors is the safest choice for matching both. Complementary colors allow you to choose shades that are slightly different or pair nicely with bold or subdued hues.

Things To Consider Before Choosing your Door and Trim Colors

It is ideal to make your home’s front entry attractive, inviting, and aesthetic. However, before you decide what color option to go for, it is best to consider the following:

  • Ensure there are no restrictions on your paint color decision. In some neighborhoods, painting the exterior parts of the homes is based on their guidelines. The reason for this is to have a uniform and matching look.
  • Whatever option you choose, the color of the wall will have an impact on the end look. When the wall comes into the picture, there are several things to consider, but that doesn’t stop you from painting your garage door and trim with any option of your choice. However, the wall determines whether your garage door and trim color combination are aesthetic. Check this out: using a complementary color scheme, you can match the door and trim to different parts of the wallpaper. For instance, if the wallpaper is light, orange, or taupe, the door could be painted green and the trim taupe, or vice versa.
  • Then, consider your home exterior theme. It is best to paint your garage door and trim with colors that would fit into the present look of your house. Choose colors that will match or complement your home only. 

Why Should I Choose a Color For My Garage Door and Trim?

Your garage door is a notable part of your home exterior and is considered an entry door. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a color for your front entry.

  • It is one of the first things you notice and gives guests their first impression of your home. Your garage door is something you use regularly, and choosing a color for it affects you each time you see it. It catches the attention of guests and also affects how they feel. It is advised to choose the right color.
  • It affects your home’s curb appeal. The right color complements your home and adds a distinctive look to its exterior.
  • The color of your garage door produces certain emotions, which influence your mood.
  • The color allows you to show off your personality and express your style.
  • Adding color to your garage door and trim is an easy and inexpensive project.
  • The paint color defines and sets the tone for you and your home. 
  • Choosing a color for your front entry helps your blend in with others or stand out in the neighborhood.

Ways to Make Your Garage Door Attractive

Here are some suggested ideas for you to have an aesthetically appealing garage door and trim paint. 

  • It is best to paint your door and trim with contrasting colors.
  • Paint your garage door with a unique color to draw attention. 
  • Pair your garage door with transoms, door inserts, and decorative rivets. Add the inserts to the top and bottom of your garage door. The transom is a decorative accent that allows your house to look more spacious from the exterior. 
  • Add matching hardware to your garage door to complement your home’s overall design. This hardware includes metal accents attached to the door for a modern look, antique bronze fixtures for old-world charm, and others.

Tips for Painting Garage Door and Trim

The following are tips for painting your garage door and trim:

  • If you’re not sure what color to choose, it is best to work with your surroundings. Your natural environment is a source of inspiration with striking curb appeal. Your garage door’s natural lighting also works best when making a decision. If your home area is dark, choose a lighter or brighter color that will stand out even in the dark. Also, if your front entry has a lot of light, go for a darker color.
  • Your home’s overall style determines what color to paint your garage door and trim. Your house expresses who you are, it is best to use your favorite color or style.
  • Using neutral colors like brown, black, and gray is one of the best ways to choose colors. Bring in classic hues that can last a long time, such as deep shades of blue and red. Also, for a minimal choice, you should stain your garage door and trim instead of painting them. Wood stain allows your door to have a natural material or grain pattern. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Painting Your Garage Door and Trim

This can be confusing and challenging, and it’s best not to avoid mistakes that will lead to a messy and boring exterior. The following are things to do and things to avoid when painting your garage door and trim:

  • Clean your garage door properly. You can clean it with soap, detergent, and water.
  • Apply primer to the trim before any painting process. Then, scrape it down to remove any dirt. After you’ve properly cleaned your trim, paint it with mold-resistant paint.
  • Make sure you use good-quality paint. The paint should be fade-proof, rust-free, can resist mildew, and be non-toxic to health. 
  • Do not paint over rust or flaking paint. Get rid of rust and flaking paint on your garage door before priming it with another painting.
  • Don’t paint the garage door the same colour as your front door or shutters.
  • A standard garage door should not be painted in more than one colour. Highlighting the details with more than one colour doesn’t work for all garage doors.

Colour Recommendations for Your Garage Door and Trim

For easy decision-making, the following are matching, contrasting, and complementary colour combinations recommended for your garage door and trim.

  • White garage doors with white trim create the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Dark gray garage doors with natural brown trim give a harmonizing look.
  • Natural wood garage doors and white trim create a warm and bright environment.
  • Dark green with creamy-toned trim brings out an accent color and evokes a natural feeling.
  • A red garage door with white trim allows for boldness and statement-making.
  • Black garage doors with black trim offer a timeless look.
  • Brown garage doors with sand trim balance warmth and neutral tones.
  • Orange garage doors with taupe trim render a warm, inviting, and interesting feeling.

The above recommendations are aesthetic and create visual effects. There are other colour combinations, read more online about them. 

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