How Much Does It Cost To Make a Garage Door Electric?

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Electric garage doors are becoming increasingly popular in the states. Different households use these garage doors, as it takes the effort away from having to manually open your garage. An electric garage door is a garage door that uses an electric motor and control system.

With a push on the remote of your electric garage door, you can easily open and close your electric garage door. There are a lot of benefits to using this type of garage door. The benefits include an increased level of safety, increased security, and convenience. 

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Garage Door Electric?

The cost of converting a garage door to electric depends on a few factors. The size of your garage door and the type of opener you choose will affect the price. If you hire someone to install it for you, this can add to what they charge as well.

The average cost is $500-$10,000 depending on:

  • The size of your door (the bigger, the more expensive)
  • What kind of opener do you want? Motorized or manual? And which brand would suit your needs best (like Genie)?

Factors that Determine the Cost of Making an Electric Garage Door

Several factors influence the cost of making an electric garage door. These factors can either increase or reduce the cost of production when it comes to electric garage doors. Here are some of the factors below.

1. The Type of Garage Door

There are different types of electric garage doors and the cost of making each of these types varies. There is the sectional garage door which is among the most trendy garage doors in the united states. 

This type of garage door comes in different designs as they use a combination of vertical and horizontal tracks to close and open the door vertically. Depending on the design, which can be iron or even glass, these garage doors cost between $1200 to $5,000. 

There is also the slide-to-slide electric garage door which is ideal for garages with small spaces. These garage door slides open from one side to another. They are usually made of iron or wood, and range between $750 to $2000.

There are other types of electric garage doors such as tilt-up canopy garage doors, roller garage doors, and a lot more. The cost of producing each of these doors varies, as the equipment and requirements differ.

2. The Size of the Garage Door

The size of the electric garage door is another thing that determines the cost. You must know that the bigger the size, the most expensive your garage door will be. On the other hand, there is a pretty good chance your garage door will be less expensive if the size is relatively small.

Averagely, a 10 feet residential iron garage door costs around 1,000 dollars, depending on the type of iron. A 10 feet glass iron door costs much more, as it ranges between 3500 to 5000 dollars. A 10 feet wooden electric garage door is much cheaper, as you can get them for as low as $900.

3. The Type of the Electric Motor 

2 types of electric garage door motors can be used in the creation of your garage doors. These motors, which include the AC and the DC motors, directly influence how the electric garage door work.

Although each can control the movement of the electric garage door, there are some features or functions you can perform with the DC garage door motor which is impossible to perform on the AC garage door motor. 

It is these features that lead to the difference in price between the AC garage door motor and the DC garage door motor. These differences in the price of the motor also affect the costs of making an electric garage door. You can get an AC garage door set for as low as $500 while a DC garage door is slightly higher as they cost around $700.

4. The Costs of Labor

The price of labor differs across countries, and these prices often influence the cost of making an electric garage door. While some companies employ the necessary labor and skill on a salary basis, others employ the labor needed to make these types of doors every week. 

If the cost of labor increases based on socio-economic factors, you must know that the cost of making an electric garage door will also increase.  The average cost of labor in the US is 39 dollars per hour and they influence the overall cost of making an electric garage door.

What Is the Average Cost of Making a Garage Door Electric?

The average cost of making an electric garage door varies according to the model, type, and a lot more. Here is a breakdown of the average cost of making an electric garage door based on size.

1. The Single-car Garage Door

The cost of making a single-car garage door largely depends on the type of material you use. If you want a random single-car garage door, you can get a simple design for as low as $300 to $500.  You must know that the single-car garage door is only about 8 feet wide and can only accommodate one vehicle at a time. 

2. Double-car Garage Door

As the name implies, the double-car garage door is a type of garage door that can accommodate two vehicles coming in or out at a time. It is usually much larger than the single-car garage door as they often range between 10 to 20 feet. 

The double-car garage door is ideal for large houses and costs around $500 to $800. You must pay more if you want a unique double-car garage door as they are much more expensive to make.

3. Custom-sized Garage Door

The custom-sized garage door is the perfect garage door if you are looking to create a unique or special garage door. With the custom-sized garage door, you can direct the makers to create a garage door according to the size and design you prefer.

Although the cost of making a custom-sized garage door varies across different states, you can easily get one between $800 to $1500, depending on the manufacturer. 

You must know that the delivery or shipping fees were not included in the prices above. Depending on your region or location, delivery fee range between $250 to $1000.

Tips for Reducing the Cost of Making an Electric Garage Door

There are different things you can do to reduce the cost of making or buying an electric garage door. These things, when done, can help reduce the cost by over 20%. Here are some of the tips below.

1. Consider Installing the Electric Motor Yourself

This is the first thing you should consider doing if you are looking to reduce the cost of making an electric garage door. You can buy cheaper electric motors and install them yourself.

Although the process of installing the electric motor differs slightly from brand to brand, it still has a relatively easy installation process regardless. All you need to do is install the motor on the tracks and you are good to go. Doing this saves you hundreds of dollars in installation.

2. Shop around for the Best Prices on Electric Motor

One thing about electric garage door motors is the fact that they come in different prices. You can take your time and shop around for the best possible deal on electric garage door motors.

You will see a price that best suits your pocket. While some prices might go as high as $200, you will see some which go as low as $120. Getting the best price on electric garage door motors goes a long way in reducing the cost of getting or making an electric garage door.

3. Look for Deals and Discounts from Garage Door Companies

If there is one thing that is certain about most companies, it is the fact that they offer discounts from time to time. You will certainly see different companies that offer various discounts on electric garage doors and their motors. 

These discounts can go as high as 25 percent to 50 percent off, saving you as much as $200. You must look for the best possible deals and discounts from these companies as it is an effective way to reduce the cost of making an electric garage door.


There are a lot of benefits to using an electric garage door, and their importance cannot be overemphasized. You must know that the cost of making these types of doors largely depends on several factors. We have discussed some of these factors in the article above.

We have also discussed several things such as the cost of making an electric garage door and a lot more. Simply read through to get all the relevant details or information you need.

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