8 Roller Door Companies In Sri Lanka

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Whether safeguarding your garage, industrial facility, or commercial space, roller doors play a crucial role in security and convenience. In Sri Lanka, where the demand for reliable roller doors is steadily rising, a multitude of companies offer diverse options and services. This blog post will guide you through the landscape of roller door companies in Sri Lanka, helping you find the perfect solution for your needs.

From established industry titans like Three Sinha Industries and Elcardo Industries to rising stars like AWB Enterprises and D Silva Industries, Sri Lanka boasts a vibrant roller door industry. Each company brings its unique expertise and product range to the table, offering a variety of materials, designs, and functionalities to suit various budgets and requirements.

8 Roller Door Companies In Sri Lanka

Whether you seek automatic roller doors for effortless access, steel roller shutters for robust security, or roller grilles for optimal visibility, these companies possess the capacity to deliver.

Additionally, several companies specialize in gate automation, stainless steel pantry cupboards, and home automation systems, providing comprehensive solutions for modern living.

1. Elcardo Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Elcardo Industries (Pvt) Ltd is a leading company situated at 42 Narahenpita Rd, Nawala, Sri Lanka. Established with a commitment to delivering quality solutions, Elcardo has emerged as a trusted name in the industry. With a focus on innovation and excellence, the company has become a prominent player in the market.

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Elcardo Industries specializes in a diverse range of high-quality products designed to meet various needs. Their product line includes:

  • Roller Doors: Elcardo offers reliable and durable roller doors, providing security and convenience for both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Roller Shutters: The company provides state-of-the-art roller shutters, combining functionality with modern design to enhance security and aesthetics.
  • Swing Gates: Elcardo Industries manufactures swing gates that are not only robust but also visually appealing, adding a touch of sophistication to properties.
  • Sliding Gates: Their sliding gates are designed for smooth operation and maximum security, making them an ideal choice for various applications.
  • GI Pipes and Box Bars: Elcardo produces high-quality Galvanized Iron (GI) pipes and box bars, catering to construction and industrial requirements.
  • SS Pipes and Box Bars: The company offers Stainless Steel (SS) pipes and box bars known for their corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Stainless Steel Pantry Cupboards: Elcardo Industries introduces stylish and durable stainless steel pantry cupboards, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.
  • Eco Board Pantry Cupboards: In line with environmental considerations, Elcardo provides eco-friendly pantry cupboards made from sustainable materials.
  • Solar Panel Systems: Committed to sustainable energy solutions, Elcardo Industries offers solar panel systems that harness renewable energy for various applications.

With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to quality, Elcardo Industries (Pvt) Ltd stands as a reliable partner for individuals and businesses seeking top-notch products in the realms of security, construction, and home improvement.

2. D V Rajasekera

D. V. Rajasekera is a prominent figure in the field of roller doors and related products, with an established presence in Colombo, Sri Lanka. His business, located at 455 Old Moor St, Colombo 12, is a testament to his commitment to providing high-quality solutions for various door-related needs. You can reach out to him or his team at +94 112 422 879.

As the proprietor of a business specializing in roller doors, roller shutters, automatic doors, and garage doors, D. V. Rajasekera has carved a niche in the industry. The company’s dedication to excellence is reflected in the diverse range of products offered, catering to both residential and commercial requirements.

One notable aspect of D. V. Rajasekera’s enterprise is its online presence. The official website, http://www.rollerdoors.lk/, serves as a digital gateway for customers to explore the array of offerings and services. The website not only provides valuable information about the products available but also serves as a convenient platform for inquiries and purchases.

The product line includes roller doors, known for their durability and functionality, roller shutters that offer security and ease of use, automatic doors for modern and convenient access solutions, and garage doors designed to enhance the safety and aesthetics of residential spaces.

3. Three Sinha Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Three Sinha Industries specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of a variety of high-quality products designed to enhance both residential and commercial spaces. Among its prominent offerings are:

  • Roller Doors: Three Sinha Industries provides robust and reliable roller doors that offer security and convenience for both residential and industrial applications.
  • Roller Shutters: The company offers a range of roller shutters known for their durability and efficiency, providing an effective solution for security and climate control.
  • Roller Grilles: Three Sinha Industries presents roller grilles that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering a versatile solution for various architectural and security needs.
  • Automatic Doors: With a focus on modern convenience, the company delivers automatic doors that prioritize ease of access while maintaining security standards.
  • Gates: Three Sinha Industries offers an array of gates, providing both security and a stylish entrance solution for homes and businesses.
  • Stainless Steel Pantry Cupboards: The company excels in crafting high-quality stainless steel pantry cupboards, bringing a touch of sophistication to modern kitchens.
  • Home Automation Systems: Keeping pace with technological advancements, Three Sinha Industries provides state-of-the-art home automation systems, allowing customers to control and monitor various aspects of their homes effortlessly.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Three Sinha Industries combines innovation, craftsmanship, and reliability in its product offerings. The company’s dedication to quality is reflected in its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. For more information and to explore their comprehensive product range, visit their website at https://threesinha.lk or contact them directly at the provided phone number.

4. Ariyapala Iron Works

Ariyapala Iron Works is a reputable establishment located at 87 Prince of Wales Avenue, Colombo 14, Sri Lanka.

Renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Ariyapala Iron Works has become a trusted name in the industry.

Ariyapala Iron Works specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of high-quality products that cater to various needs. Their product lineup includes:

  • Roller Doors: Ariyapala Iron Works offers robust and reliable roller doors, combining functionality with durability. These doors are designed to provide security and ease of use.
  • Roller Shutters: The company manufactures top-notch roller shutters that serve both commercial and residential purposes. These shutters offer effective protection and are built to withstand the test of time.
  • Gates: Ariyapala Iron Works crafts aesthetically pleasing and secure gates, adding a touch of elegance to properties while ensuring safety and privacy.
  • Steel Structures: The expertise of Ariyapala Iron Works extends to the creation of durable and stable steel structures suitable for various applications.
  • Grills: The company produces high-quality grills that are not only functional but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of homes and businesses.
  • Windows: Ariyapala Iron Works provides sturdy and well-designed windows that enhance both the appearance and security of buildings.
  • Steel Pantry Cupboards: Known for their precision and attention to detail, the company creates steel pantry cupboards that are both functional and stylish.
  • Home Automation Systems: Keeping up with modern technology, Ariyapala Iron Works offers home automation systems, providing convenience and security through smart solutions.

Ariyapala Iron Works stands out in the industry due to its dedication to customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship, and innovative designs. With a commitment to excellence, this establishment continues to be a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and top-quality iron and steel products in Sri Lanka.

5. A W B Enterprises

A W B Enterprises stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Nestled at 515/1B Old Rd, Kottawa, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka, this dynamic enterprise has carved a niche for itself with a commitment to excellence.

At the core of A W B Enterprises’ offerings are top-notch products designed to fortify and elevate spaces. Specializing in security solutions and steel structures, the enterprise takes pride in its diverse range of products, including:

  • Roller Shutters: A W B Enterprises provides cutting-edge roller shutters, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics to safeguard spaces with style.
  • Roller Grills: Elevate security with the versatile and durable roller grills offered by A W B Enterprises, providing a robust solution for various applications.
  • Automatic Doors: Embrace modernity and convenience with A W B Enterprises’ automatic doors, ensuring smooth and secure access to spaces.
  • Gates: A W B Enterprises offers a range of gates that combine security and sophistication, enhancing the entrance points of homes and businesses alike.
  • Steel Structures: From industrial complexes to residential projects, A W B Enterprises excels in delivering high-quality steel structures that stand the test of time.

6. De Silva Industries (Pvt) Ltd

The product portfolio of De Silva Industries reflects a dedication to meeting the varied needs of its clientele. Roller doors and roller shutters, designed for both residential and commercial applications, showcase the company’s commitment to security and convenience. The inclusion of automatic gates further emphasizes their emphasis on modern, automated solutions for enhanced accessibility.

Moreover, De Silva Industries is a trusted provider of aluminium windows and doors, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. These products not only contribute to energy efficiency but also add a touch of sophistication to homes and commercial spaces.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its manufacturing processes, ensuring that each product meets rigorous standards before reaching the customers. De Silva Industries places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive services that include installation and after-sales support.

Whether it’s enhancing security with roller doors and shutters, embracing automation with automatic gates, or elevating the aesthetic appeal with aluminium windows and doors, De Silva Industries stands as a reliable partner for individuals and businesses seeking top-notch solutions in the construction and security sectors.

7. D T Enterprises

D T Enterprises, located at 76/1 Kirigamamunuwa Rd, Deepangoda, Homagama, Sri Lanka, is a trusted provider of high-quality construction and security solutions. With a commitment to excellence, the company offers a diverse range of products to meet the varying needs of its customers. From robust roller doors and stylish roller shutters to automated gates, steel structures, grills, and windows, D T Enterprises combines functionality with precision engineering to deliver top-notch solutions.

The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in its emphasis on quality across its product lineup. Whether customers seek enhanced security or a touch of elegance for their properties, D T Enterprises ensures that each product meets the highest standards. The comprehensive range of offerings, including automated gates for convenience and durable steel structures for construction needs, reflects the company’s commitment to providing reliable and versatile solutions.

8. Iklo Industries

With a commitment to excellence, the company has become a trusted name in the industry, offering a diverse range of products catering to both residential and commercial needs. Their product line includes roller shutters and automatic gates designed for enhanced security, steel structures known for strength and durability, stylish grills that balance security and aesthetics, windows crafted with precision, and modern stainless steel pantry cupboards that elevate kitchen spaces.

The company’s dedication to quality is reflected in its meticulous approach to manufacturing and installation. Iklo Industries ensures that its roller shutters provide not only security but also a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Their automatic gates combine functionality with contemporary design, offering both convenience and safety. Additionally, the company’s steel structures are engineered to meet the highest standards, providing robust solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

What Types Of Roller Doors Are Commonly Offered By Companies In Sri Lanka?

Roller door companies in Sri Lanka typically provide a diverse range of options to cater to various needs and preferences. Common types include manual roller doors, which are cost-effective and easy to operate; motorized or automatic roller doors, offering enhanced convenience; and insulated roller doors, designed to regulate temperature and energy efficiency.

Understanding the available choices can help consumers make informed decisions based on their specific requirements and the intended use of the roller doors.

How Do I Choose The Right Roller Door Company For My Needs?

Selecting the right roller door company is a crucial step in ensuring security and satisfaction. Consider factors such as reputation and customer reviews, as they provide insights into the company’s reliability and product quality.

Assess the range of products offered, ensuring they align with your requirements, and inquire about customization options if needed. Additionally, evaluate the company’s after-sales service, warranty policies, and installation expertise. This comprehensive approach will guide you in making an informed decision that meets both your security and design preferences.

What Maintenance Is Required For Roller Doors, And Do Companies Offer Support Services?

Maintaining roller doors is essential for their longevity and optimal performance. Frequently asked questions include information on routine maintenance tasks, such as lubrication and cleaning, as well as troubleshooting common issues.

Customers often want to know if roller door companies in Sri Lanka provide maintenance services, warranties, or support in case of malfunctions. Understanding the maintenance requirements and available support services ensures that customers are well-equipped to keep their roller doors in excellent condition and address any issues promptly.

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