Do I Need 2 Springs On My Garage Door?

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement How To

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The perfect function of a garage door depends on the strength and number of the parts, which makes purchasing a garage door expensive. One of the important parts of a garage door is the spring, as it helps balance the door, making its upward and downward movement easy.

The number of springs you will need for your garage door depends on your budget, size, and weight, as the spring helps with the stability of the garage door.

A Single, weighted garage door will require one spring, while a heavy double weighted garage door will require two or more springs. However, using two springs on your garage door is best for maintaining the garage door properly.

Why Do I Need 2 Springs On My Garage Door?

Besides the garage door weight consideration, it is very important to fix a minimum of 2 springs on your garage door as it increases the life cycle of the garage door.

A one-spring garage door wears out easily based on the accumulation of stress on just one spring.

However, a garage door with two springs shares the load and helps maintain your garage door perfectly, thereby increasing the door’s longevity.

Experts advise that a garage door should have at least two springs in their garage door as this will help move the garage door when one suddenly stops working.

However, it is risky to use a garage door when a spring is broken, but having an extra one will prevent the garage door from shutting down completely when one is broken, which is very dangerous during emergency hours as you will not be able to get your vehicle out of the garage.

Making use of 2 springs helps to protect the users against unforeseen accidents. When a spring breaks during motion, the other springs help hold and complement the movement.

Still, a one-spring garage door will hit the floor, anything or anyone under it with full force, damaging the garage door and hurting anyone under or around it.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Torsion  Spring For Garage Doors?

Torsion springs have a lot of advantages over extension springs including the following;

  • Torsion springs have a lot of life cycles ranging from 15,000 to  20,000 cycles, thereby increasing the garage door’s lifespan, unlike extension springs with a 10,000  life cycle.
  • Torsion springs twist and turn in and do not fully extend, unlike the extension spring, reducing the chance of getting stressed easily.
  • With torsion springs, your operator does not have to do extra work in its function as the operator works without stress when coupled with a torsion spring garage door.
  • Torsion springs are easy to maintain, unlike extension springs with other parts that need maintenance, such as a longer cable.
  •  A torsion spring prevents the extra cost of repair as you do not have to repair anything apart from the springs, unlike a broken extension n spring, which causes more damage to the garage door parts.
  • A torsion spring does not fly off or fire off n. Still, it remains in its location when broken, protecting people from danger, unlike a broken extension spring that flies off, harming anyone or anything around it or under the garage door.
  • The balancing of the garage door is best achieved with a torsion spring as it does not jerk during the opening and closing of the garage door.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Two Springs On  My Garage Door?

Attaching two springs to the door might be expensive initially, but in the long run,  it is affordable as you can spend years using it without any repairs.

According to this old house, com, the average cost of replacing a garage door is between $150  to  $350 as the actual cost of replacement is dependent on a few factors, which are;

1. The Type Of  Door

Your garage door type has much to do with the type of spring used and the workload invested into the replacement. A roll-up garage door uses a torsion spring, while a tilt-up garage door mostly uses an extension spring.

A professional charges $150 to $200 when replacing a tilt-up garage door spring and $200 to $350 when using a roll-up garage door.

2. The Spring Type

Professionals charge based on the type of spring you are replacing, as torsion springs cost more than extension springs, although it has a longer life span of 15 years, unlike extension spring which has a 12-year life span.

However, it is best to have a torsion spring in your garage door as it is stronger than an extension spring, except you open and close your garage door once a month or your door setup does not permit the usage of a torsion spring.

Still, if not, there is a need to make use of an extension spring.

The average price below includes the price of installation with the cost of the springs themselves.

Spring  Type Average Cost  Of Spring With  Installation.
Torsion  Spring  $200 to  $350
Extension  Spring$150 to  $200

3. Your Location

Attaching two springs to your garage door depends on the cost of living in your geographical location, as the cost depends on the country’s cost of living.

How To Prevent The Garage Door Springs From Breaking?

The best way to prevent garage door springs from breaking is to invest in high-quality springs that can withstand the test of time.

Apart from this, the garage door springs life cycle can be achieved if the springs are well maintained, and this can be done by following the listed way;

  •  Regular lubrication of the springs with garage door lubricants and not  WD 40, as they do not lubricate the garage door properly.
  • Inspect the door regularly by noting the movement when opening and closing it.
  • Open and close the garage door slowly or use a remote when opening it.
  • Please do not use your garage door as the main entrance to your home, as excessive usage causes it to wear out easily.
  • Replace old garage door springs with new ones.

How Do I Know My Garage Door Spring Needs To Be Replaced?

Before your garage door makes that loud banging noise or flies off when broken, you can avoid this by checking out for the following signs, which will help quickly replace the springs before it finally break. 

  • The garage door gets stuck when opening or closing.
  • Spring rustiness 
  • Loud screeching noise from springs
  • Twisted springs 

How To Replace The Garage Door Springs?

The best and safest way to replace your garage door is to contact a professional to help with the installation, as self-replacement might be quite dangerous, especially if you are a novice.

Although few people do self-replacement, it is risky as the garage door might develop another fault that needs the attention of a garage door specialist.

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